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Precision Cladding specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of rain screen cladding systems, with specific emphasis on Aluminum Composite Panel systems as well as pre-finished metal siding systems. Precision employs a full team of professionals including expert fabricators and installation crews. Precision does not subcontract any work to outside forces, allowing for full control of any given project from concept to completion, regardless of complexity.

Precision Cladding regularly cooperates with architects and designers on projects ranging from high end retail such as the Sephora in Park Royal to iconic structures like Canada Place in Vancouver.  A majority of the company’s work is commercial with the remainder focused on high end residential homes and high rises.

All materials are fabricated at our production facility which allows us to supply projects efficiently and help our customers maximize profits by converting excess inventory into usable products.  Depending on the project our craftsmen work either by hand or with the latest CNC technologies.  To infuse creativity into our production facility we have brought on highly experienced mill workers to help design and solve challenges through the fabrication and application processes.

Precision Cladding responds to your needs with prompt personal attention. Our staff has the training and experience to take your project from conception through production. Quotes are prepared quickly to meet your deadlines and from the moment your project is awarded, its progress is carefully documented and monitored.

The management team at Precision Cladding includes individuals whose combined backgrounds represent over 130 years of professional experience in the industry. Our management team as well as our dedicated staff currently run our operations out of our offices and production facility located in Abbotsford BC.

As Precision has grown, the goal has been to recognize and hire individuals who possess attributes that will be valuable to our company.  While providing these gifted employees with mentoring and education this has allowed us to build a unique and talented team that in no way mirrors any of our industry competitors.

Mission Statement:

To provide our clients with quality customer service, expert craftsmanship and an attractive and
functional finished product which meets the specific design intent of each project.


“Every building is a prototype. No two are alike.”

Our Great


“Buildings will be our company’s legacy.”

“Building Art.”

The Precision Cladding


Complete your Metal Roofing project with High Quality Aluminum Flashings

Your metal roofing project not only needs top-quality metal for your roof, but in addition needs various types of sturdy and stunning aluminum flashings to complete the look. You will need roof flashing, window flashing, step flashing, counter flashing, and base flashing, among others that merge seamlessly with your metal roof. Metal is a green […]

Multiple Advantages of Metal Wall Cladding

When you want sturdy walls that not only look stunning, but also weather harsh climatic conditions with ease then you only need to consider metal wall cladding. Metal is a sturdy and long-lasting material with multiple advantages that can easily turn a residential or commercial complex into a chic work of art. Advantage No.1 – […]

Aesthetics and Performance of Metal Roofs

Until now, metal roofs were considered as ones that give an industrial look to a structure. Many people were averse to shift to metal roofing due to misconceptions. However, modern manufacturing techniques have provided both strength and aesthetics to this versatile and durable material. While traditional materials such as stucco, stone, wood, and concrete can […]

Roof Repairs or Replacement: How to decide

Your roof may have protected you dutifully for several years or decades, but eventually will require repairs. Endless exposure to the sun as well as facing high winds, snow, and rain will wear away all protective coating on any roof material. However, you will need to decide between roof repairs or complete roof replacement. The […]

Importance of Installation in Metal Wall Cladding

While you may have realized the importance of metal for your wall cladding needs, you must also appreciate the importance of installation in metal wall cladding. There are different types of metal systems that will ultimately affect the fit and finish of your wall. You need to consider the following points before your contractor begins […]

Precision Cladding’s journey so far

Precision Cladding is one of the only companies in BC who strictly specializes in metal roof, custom flashing and wall applications. It has successfully been operating since 2000. Our skills have us working beside top architects and builders in BC, as large portion of our work is commercial – including governmental commercial work. Since 2000, Precision Cladding has […]

“A product often becomes more useful if the costs are lowered without harming the quality.”

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

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At Precision we foster a safe, positive environment and encourage innovation, growth, and teamwork through a foundation of open communication and respect.

We support you and your career by providing valuable tools, education, and development opportunities that allow you to grow and succeed with us. Together we share a passion for design, precision craftsmanship and relationships as we achieve our vision to be the foremost cladding company in British Columbia.

We are currently accepting applicants for the following positions:

  • On site Foreman
  • Experienced helpers

Please send your resume to Michelle Shugg by either mail, fax, or email.

“Every building is a prototype. No two are alike.”

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